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Agate Products

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We are an exuberant Agate Products Manufacturer located in India. We carry a complete range of agate products including Agate Beads, Agate Pendant, Agate Pyramid etc. Our entire collection of agate products is highly appreciated by all our clients. Apart from this we manufacture agate jewelry, agate pyramid, prism, obelisks, healing sticks, pendulums, message sticks, crystal items, quartz items, crystal lined agate pendant, crystal lined agate pendants etc.

  • Multi Coloured Agate Pyramids

    Multi Coloured Agate Pyramids
  • Obelisks & Pyramids

    Obelisks & Pyramids
  • Fancy Jasper & Moss Bowls

    Fancy Jasper & Moss Bowls

    Desc :

  • Crystal & Quartz Items

    Crystal & Quartz Items
  • Crystal Lined Agate Pendant

    Crystal Lined Agate Pendant
  • Agate Pendant & Massage Sticks

    Agate Pendant & Massage Sticks